From Shiraz to Hormoz

Some pieces of life in south of iran and griefs, which hide themselves behind of colors.


Iran | Mars 2022


A short trip and experience of life beside of sea, which makes people open and obliging, even if it’s pandemie.


Portugal | January 2022


The story of people whose existence and value in life depend on shouting, protesting, and expressing dissatisfaction with the current situation. 

January – July 2020 | Vienna


Images of daily life in contemporary Tehran, involved women who live in a mannish city and are not with a world in its conventional structure. However templates would form the majority and characterize it.

November 2019 | Tehran

* ”é “ comes in the end of females words in the persian language.

Last trip

Some snapshots from students, who celebrate their high school graduation and prepare themselves for next levels.

July 2017 | Porec